Jackson @JsonFormat


@JsonFormat handles the serialization of Date, Enum, Collection and Number. @JsonFormat decides how values of properties to be serialized. Find some of the attributes of @JsonFormat annotation.

  • shape: Defines the structure to use for serialization, for example JsonFormat.Shape.NUMBER and JsonFormat.Shape.STRING.

  • pattern: Pattern used in serialization and deserializations. For date, pattern contains SimpleDateFormat compatible definition.

  • locale: Locale used in serialization. Default is system default locale.

  • timezone: TimeZone used in serialization. Default is system default timezone.

  • lenient: Useful in deserializations. It decides if lenient handling should be enabled or disabled.

@JsonFormat with Enum

@JsonFormat can be used with Java enum in serialization to change between index (number) and textual name (string). @JsonFormat is used at enum level and not at property level. By default enum properties are serialized with its textual name as string. We can change it to property index (starting from 0) using JsonFormat.Shape.NUMBER.


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