Jackson @JsonFilter

Using @JsonFilter

Step-1: Create a class annotated with @JsonFilter and assign a filter name.

Step-2: Create the instance of SimpleFilterProvider and add our filter studentFilter using addFilter() method.

SimpleFilterProvider filterProvider = new SimpleFilterProvider();
        SimpleBeanPropertyFilter.serializeAllExcept("stdName", "stdCity"));

Step-3: Set the instance of SimpleFilterProvider to ObjectMapper using setFilterProvider() method.

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

Step-4: Now serialize the instance of Student class.

Student student = new Student("Mohit", 30, "ABCD", "Varanasi");
String jsonData = mapper.writerWithDefaultPrettyPrinter()

stdName and stdCity properties will not be serialized. Find the output.

  "stdAge" : 30,
  "stdCollege" : "ABCD"


SimpleFilterProvider is the implementation of PropertyFilter that only uses property name to determine if it should be serialized or filtered out. Find some methods of SimpleFilterProvider.

  • serializeAllExcept(): Serializes all properties except the properties configured to this method.

  • filterOutAllExcept(): Serializes properties only configured to this method.

  • serializeAll(): Serializes all properties and filters out nothing.

@JsonFilter at Property Level

We can use @JsonFilter annotation on fields, methods and constructor parameters since Jackson 2.3. Here we will create two filters using @JsonFilter at property level and filter the properties using serializeAllExcept() and filterOutAllExcept() methods.


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