JDK (Java Development Kit) is nothing but the place or environment used for developing java applications. There are three profiles, so to say or three types of JDKs:

  1. JSE–> Java Standard Edition–> You can develop standalone applications/desktop applications or even write scripts using Selenium tool for Automation Testing.

  2. JEE–> Java Enterprise Edition–> It’s used to develop rich enterprise web applications.

  3. JME–> Java Micro Edition–> Can be used to develop applications running on mobile devices, embedded systems etc.

JDK, more specifically, JSE; contains JRE plus the java compiler and other development tools.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment) – It’s a package which contains JVM plus supporting files.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) – It acts as an interpreter. It understands byte codes and converts it into CPU understandable instructions.


Java can be written in editors. Most famous are Notepad, Notepad++, EditPlus3.

But, basic or major developments will happen in IDEs i.e Integrated Development Environment for example Eclipse, NetBeans.